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Originally Posted by Jewel
Well a fine job you did in organizing it. It made perfect sense to me and flowed very nicely.

I love how you brought in the element of water (emotions) into your mental cards (swords). What I glean from this, and based on the rest of your narrative, is that although mentally you acknowledged things as they happened you rationalized them and let them go. Now, you are dealing with them on an emotional level which have lead you to the 7 of pentacles. The introspection and harvesting of the past experiences.

So based on your description of how this feels to you, in effect two cards that are compatible to eachother yet antagonistic of your third card (Air + Air + Earth) are moving from the mental towards to the emotional (water) which is compatible to your third card (earth). That would bring the harmony you feel between these two cards and the third that rationally you know does not exist but can see the shift. Elementally I found this VERY VERY interesting and significant.

Hope that feedback made sense ...
Yes it does!
Perhaps the mix of water in an air card can give a very odd feeling to the emotions, because that's what I feel.
You're right, I've been rationalizing my feelings away.
Looking back, I have been doing this for far too long.
Sometimes when you stand too closely to a picture, it's hard to see the whole, your feedback helps me, thank you, Jewel
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