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Thanks, paradoxx. I use an ephemeris. I don't have any problem getting the information about what the planets are doing. The problem is more deciding what to include in the relatively small write-up. For example, during the 4-month period in question, the Sun moves from VIR to LIB to SCO to SAG to CAP; Mercury moves from VIR to LIB to SCO to LIB to SCO to SAG to CAP; Venus moves from LEO to VIR to LIB to SCO to SAG; Mars moves from GEM to CAN; Jupiter moves from SAG to CAP; and Saturn moves from LEO to VIR. That's a lot of movement, which makes it difficult to discuss in so few words. (I don't even try to discuss the effects of the transiting Moon except when discussing Cancer.)

I just wondered if there might be a format or approach that I'm just not seeing -- a way to decide what to include or what to emphasize so that I can stay within my word limit.
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