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Alchemical Study Group - Four of Vessels

I thought I'd start a thread for this card as it's one that I can't quite connect with so far. In the book Place talks about the card representing physical and emotional balance, the body being in harmony with the emotions, and the unconscious being allowed to manifest into conscious. While this makes sense to me, something just isn't clicking and if I get the card in a reading I just go blank.

When I look at the image I see the elephant as being disconnected from the emotions. The water is in the background and he (or she) is standing on top of the vessels, separate from the water, and in fact separated from the earth as well. I get a sense that there is balance but at the cost of emotional connection. Yet I'm not sure that is what the card is really trying to convey

I'll also include this quote from the 'favourites' thread from taniatingel (I hope that's ok )

Originally Posted by taniatingel
I see the elephant as brave and a little silly. I imagine that he's been waiting for someone to arrive or he's bored with the conversation. "What'll I do?" He asks himself. "I know, I'll see if I can balance myself on those vessels over there". "But you're an elephant. You're too heavy" the naysayers remark. "I don't care" says the elephant. I imagine in his stubbornness that he's been there for hours.)
I'd love to hear what others make of this image.
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