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Originally Posted by Leisa
An elephant stands on four vessels which act as pillars, and are capable of holding great weight. The image expresses the alchemical axiom of Maria Prophetissa: "Out of the One comes Two, out of the Two comes Three, and from the Third comes One as the Fourth." Here, two vessels are the same, the third is slightly different, and the fourth is unique to the set. The card represents physical and emotional balance. The body is in harmony with the emotions. The unconscious is allowed to manifest into the conscious.

Tarot wisdom: In unity, there is strength, but it is a delicate balance. You have the inner strength to bear great weight. You won't break under emotional stress and pressure.
First, when I had this card coming up, I was a bit perplexed, I must confess. I do actually think it is a quite funny picture, so paradoxal and selfcontradictory. Also the description by taniatingel as quoted by Sapienza is quite fun.

When I read the above description, I started to identify, not with the elephant itself, but with the vessels. The Elephant can - I think - be seen as the burden, the vessels as the inner strength, discipline, fundament, wisdom or whatever that must carry the burden.
Well - at times you don't get to go very long, but at least you don't break.

Also the numbers rang a bell, since in the reading I was doing (weekly energy spread), I had Ace of Swords, The Lovers, 3 of Coins and four of Vessels and Staffs. It can be seen as one, two, three and then two fours. And so on.

The weekly energy Spread, that goes well with the Alchemical tarot can be seen here
Apart from that I see Vessels as intuition and Staffs as emotion when using the Alchemical.
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