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General question about Cards, Spreads, and Reading


Well, this is my very first thread at this board (:
In recent months I got very much into Oracle Card reading, and it's an amazing experience each and every time!
I am currently the proud owner of four lovely decks, and plan to (very gradually) purchase 6 or 7 more I had my eye on for quite some time.
Now, I connect very much to the notion that the cards are actually a kind of key-device to reach one's soul or subconsious and/or loving and guiding energies around us. What confuses me the more I think about it, is how the spreads themesleves work-

There are sooo many spreads out there. Let's say that you choose (or create) a spread with the questions A, B, and C, by that order. How can the cards "know" that card 1 is supposed to answer A, 2 would answer B and 3 would answer C?
I mean, yes, you shuffle and you immerse your energy within the cards thinking about the general subject matter, but questions A, B and C are specific questions by a specific order set by the specific spread you chose, regarding the subject matter.
It seems like the cards would "know" what to answer before you ask them A, B and C and before you even shuffle. That's really confusing to me, as I'm not satisfied with simply wave it off by saying "it's super-natural stuff".
So I guess I just wanted to hear you guys opinion on this..
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