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Unhappy Oracle & Alternative Decks

I'm truly happy for you when you say you have really gotten into Oracle Decks. I am captivated by them but experience no facility in reading them. Tarot cards and playing cards used for divination deliver for me but due to some mental block I have trouble believing "picture cards". Perhaps they are too direct and I am afraid of the truth, I don't know. Universal Seeker (Gareth) lists the Jenlon Fortune Telling Cards as an item in his collection. I like these non-picture cards but I do not know which spread or lay-out Jenlon recommends for reading them. Even though Whitman published them, Jenlon was the creator & producer, so I don't think I should rely on a typical Whitman arrangement of the cards. Also, a smaller lay-out might work for me because I consult the cards fairly often. Therefore, putting out all 36 cards challenges the odds of all named events applying to a weekly fortune.
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