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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
Solar arcs??!!

what are those, please, junethird? I have heard of asteroids, but never of solar arcs. how do I find these in my chart, (I did the freebie chart at astrolabe.

I'm more and more confused as I try to move forward.
Hi CN!

Its predictive astrology territory. Im not sure if im the best to explain it. But once you hit your the year of your saturn return it helps see your aspects better and see where you are coming and going with the slower planets that dont zip through your chart like jupiter, venus, mars and the moon do. Progressions are good for that. Im stuck with neptune influence which should last another year or so before the fog lifts. So if my calculations are correct 2016 is my year of the promised partner. Neptune here seems to work in my favour somewhat... And saturn will finally be leaving my 7th by then and right at the end where his influence and grip is wanning... For me its been a long journey so im more than ready since i got a double whammy since he entered libra. Plus not to mention his numeros retrograde cycles.
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