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Oracle cards vs Tarot: what's more difficult?

Basically, I feel like a lot of people think oracle decks are easier to read than Tarot "because they have the meanings written right on the card!" I certainly used to take this viewpoint, and unfortunately I definitely had bad a case of Tarot Superiority.

However, since actually starting to work with oracle cards...It's freakin' difficult!! SUPER challenging, at least for me. I feel like, with my Lightworker Oracle (which uses a lot of esoteric and somewhat obscure symbolism and terminology), I'm learning the Tarot all over again. It's a totally new system to me.

Personally, when I work with oracle cards, it's like...its' another system. I use my intuition a bit more, and the books a bit less, partly because the oracle deck books are usually so short. BUT, it's still a lot to learn, and while it's still cartomancy, I feel like I'm "stretching my intuitive muscles" a lot to work with it. Like I'm learning a totally new form of divination.

So I definitely no longer think of oracle cards as "Tarot Lite" or "Tarot, but easier." If anything, I find it MORE challenging, because there aren't universal meanings of oracle card decks - or even a set number of cards! It's such a new, exciting challenge.

So what are your thoughts on the difficulty of Tarot vs oracle cards? I personally think they're mostly just different, but I'm voting "oracle decks are more difficult" because frankly, that's how they are to me.

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