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It depends. The Moon Oracle is definitely its own system, and takes a lot of study - even just to figure out what phase of the moon we're in, let alone how to use the Oracle at this particular time. On the other hand a DV deck doesn't take much study because the symbolism is more like "it's a lotus flower. Buddhists see the lotus as a symbol of rebirth so this card is named 'rejuvenation' " or something like that.

Whereas because I had a solid understanding of medieval passion plays (for the major arcana - each card is one of the floats or stages in a passion play) and could read playing cards, I find a TdM deck wildly intuitive. I have so much background knowledge that I could just pick them up and read them with almost no study at all.

And yet, can I read the Thoth as it's meant to be read with all of its GD correspondences? No.
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