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Originally Posted by SunChariot View Post
I honestly don't anymore after 15 years plus, I feel pretty much that I have a good feel for what works well for me and what doesn't and why and have my methodology pretty much down.

I still read of course, but I don't practice.

That said, thinking back to when I did...I ONLY read for myself for the first 8 months of so before even starting to read for others. So there was a lot of practicing then.

I never was a fan of the daily draws personally. I tried once or twice then found it was just not my thing.

What I did do and I found it a fascinating way to learn was to ask about life. I asked about life and how it works. All the questions to things that no one knows for sure. Like what is Destiny, how does it work, what is the energy of life, how am I connected to it, what is my life purpose, what good can I do in this world around me, ....I could go on endlessly with those and always be fascinated. And the answer tend to be pretty fascinating too.

At the time I had an e-zine that came to my Inbox every day containing various different statements on the mysteries of life. Those almost always turned into readings for me. They would spark my curiosity.

I once even did a reading for a bird that was sitting on my window sill. He was looking in at me while I was looking out at him. I asked my cards what he was thinking as he was looking at me. I thought that was a fun question. It proved useful too. LOL

I remember the cards said that he was wondering why I was not outdoors on this beautiful day enjoying the beautiful warm sunshine and cool breezes. He could not seem to understand why I would not CHOOSE to be outdoors on a day like that, was I imprisoned or stuck there somehow, behind the glass? No one would choose that (to not be outdoors) on a day like this. That was completely obvious and a certainty to him. He was confused. Why was I not outdoors?

I promptly went outdoors after the reading and enjoyed the heck out of the weather and day afterwards. LOL Birds are smart

But the readings on the nature of life and how it works, honestly, those are still my very favourites. Such amazing things come up. [emoji813]

Such a cute story with the bird! [emoji4]
I also do philosophical readings from time to time and yes, it is a very enriching experience.
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