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The book is really excellent - really well written and very worth getting.

I bought the book and deck seperately too. I think I got the book from Holistic shop.

Oh and Jook, I think The Fey would be an excellent deck for a beginner... It's very loosley based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck but not completely so I'd recommend getting the book (edited to add -sorry I've just realised you've got the book )
It's a wonderful deck for reading intuitively; it's very expressive.. Some of the cards are just amazing.

This deck takes you to another world.. I don't actually use my Fey much any more so I've given it to my 7 year old daughter... she loves playing with it and makes up lovely stories filled with amazing characters.

It's a deck that likes you to use your imagination but that's all good in my opinion.
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