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Welcome to the forums. The Fey was my first deck and it's the only deck I use for readings. I've only recently started buying a few other decks. A couple for the art and couple for study purposes but I recommend that you stick with the Fey for a good while. Chopping and changing decks can only add to the confusion which is why I plan to stick with the Fey for a good while yet unless intuition tells me otherwise.
Of course it all depends on how often and intensly you study the cards. I've had my deck for a year but I've not studied that intensly so for me I still feel very much like a beginner although perhaps a bit further down the road from you, but within sight.

I love the deck because you can pretty much get the meaning behind the card without having to look it up in the book (ah but I know that feeling of just needing to double check. ) but don't expect to pick a card and just "know" what it means. Sometimes that happens, sometimes you have to dig a bit for your answer.
Also sometimes what meaning you come up with will not match the book. That is fine. If it makes sense within the reading then I believe it's a valid meaning.
We all see the world slightly differently so you may develop your own meanings for the cards depending on your own life experiences.

What I like is seeing the cards interact with each other. Say you lay out a three card spread look at it like one big painting.
For instance the other day I noticed the 5 of Swords blowing it's magic fairy dust onto the card next to it. She looked like she was sending her wishes on the wind and they fitted well with the next card.
Another draw recently was not so much joined together as one picture but like the same scene but at different times. The 3 of Wands with the plant in it's beginning stages, growing slowly into bud the next card being the 7 of pentacles seemed like the same plant many years later only now it has grown strong roots and flowered well.
It is really delightful when you see these connections in the cards pop out at you.

You never stop learning so don't feel you have to reach a certain goal by a certain time. Just enjoy looking at the pictures and what the cards have to show you. Everything else will come in time.

Edited to add: also why not join in the Fey daily draw thread. You can find it here: Fey daily draw
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