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Originally Posted by catbaloo

What I like is seeing the cards interact with each other. Say you lay out a three card spread look at it like one big painting.
For instance the other day I noticed the 5 of Swords blowing it's magic fairy dust onto the card next to it. She looked like she was sending her wishes on the wind and they fitted well with the next card.
Another draw recently was not so much joined together as one picture but like the same scene but at different times. The 3 of Wands with the plant in it's beginning stages, growing slowly into bud the next card being the 7 of pentacles seemed like the same plant many years later only now it has grown strong roots and flowered well.
It is really delightful when you see these connections in the cards pop out at you.
Yes!!!! This is wonderful!! And with the Fey being as it is, this happens easily. I too love the Fey and have only put it down briefly since I got it to dabble with other decks. It truly opened up the world of intuitive reading for me, where as before I'd only used book meanings for my readings. I've been reading tarot for a good long time, and I feel that I've learned more about tarot using the Fey intuitively than I have with the scores of books I've read on tarot and card meanings. And yes, please do see the posts (and add your own) in the Daily Draws section. I love posting my Fey draws there, and I love to see what others think of the cards as well. I've been away from Aeclectic for a bit due to no internet access, and I see that this thread has been neglected as of late. I'd love to see more people join in on that topic!! To all those who are new to the Fey, welcome and enjoy the ride!

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