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Originally Posted by Fulgour
Hello Bradford! I'd be namedropping to list
all the authors, before and after those guys,
and it is amazing how clearly they wrote too.
Hi Fulgour

I've wrestled with similar issues with my Yijing studies.
Besides studying the book in Chinese, I collected and forced
myself to read well over a hundred books in English, and even
a few in Portuguese. A lot of that was really painfully bad. But if
I wanted to be thorough and be sure I hadn't missed any insights
that someone might have had even by accident, I just had to
suck it up and plough through everything (twice), for the future
benefit of whoever might use my work

I'm in sort of the same position again with Tarot. My Tarot
bibliography (posted on my website) also runs to more than a
hundred books. I still need to go back through them to pick up
my margin notes before organizing my thoughts, and I will be
well reminded of the ones that ought never have been written.
But I will also be reminded of the whole point of "aeclecticism",
or Za Jia, The Miscellaneous School. In the least of those books,
all covered with new age slobber and drool, there will be a gem
somewhere. But there will be many gems only partly obscured
by Crowley's horrific ego. You just have to pay close attention to
that man behind the curtain.
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