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If I remember right I got my faeries not too long after you did Jewel, so I'm probably somewhere around 8 months or so ago that I did this the first time around.

Well I did the exercises again tonight and all I can say is WOW! It's amazing how different and how spot on they are.

My favorite card this time around is The Pook (with completely different meanings to me than what the book says). My least favorite is Lady of the Harvest.
But what's REALLY interesting is my universal card - which is also the Pook!!! Now all of you who've done the exercises know you draw your universal card by intuition - not looking at the fronts of the cards. So imagine my surprise when I turned it over and it was The Pook again!!!! :O

I'm so glad Jewel suggested doing these exercises again!!
Yea Jewel!!!
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