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Ludy Lescot-the sixes

Six of Wands: A lovely lady dressed in a beautiful purple gown is descending the stairs. She could be coming down for her wedding-one can almost hear the wedding march. She has a bouquet of roses, both red and black ones, in her arms. She also has the markings/tattoos under her eyes. There are three portraits on the wall and each portrait contains another one in it so there are pictures of six people in all. 1. An old man and a young girl, 2. A young man and an elderly (grey haired) lady and 3. a young boy and a lady who actually looks a lot like our lady on the stairs.

Six of Swords: The man is waving goodbye (or hello?) to a fine big ship in the background. He has six swords in a bag strapped on his back and the rope in front of him is in the shape of a lemniscate. I always thought itīs just an infinity symbol but this is what Wikipedia says:
* The lemniscate of Bernoulli, often simply called the lemniscate, the locus of points whose product of distances from two foci equals the square of half the interfocal distance
* The lemniscate of Gerono, the zero set of the quartic polynomial x4 − x2 + y2
* The lemniscate of Booth, the zero set of the quartic polynomial (x2 + y2)2 − cx2 − dy2 with d < 0. When d = −c this coincides with the lemniscate of Bernoulli.
* The infinity symbol ∞, sometimes called a lemniscate because of its shape

-Wow! So, if he knows what the lemniscate in front of him stands for he is probably a very learned and well read man.

Six of Pentacles A young widow is giving money to some children on a town square by the well. She has a silk dress with golden roses embroidered on it. There are two girls and a boy and the boy maybe has one blind eye? The children donīt look particularly poor but their clothes are a bit dirty. The thing on the background looks like a guillotine or gallows perhaps?

Six of Cups The clown child. He doesnīt look particularly happy and maybe childhood is a happy time just in our memories? Maybe it wasnīt all that happy back then? This clown child sure doesnīt look happy. Maybe he has been dressed up by grown ups who think he is cute but he doesnīt seem to enjoy any of this. He doesnīt know what to do with the red roses and he canīt move because heīd knock over some valuable chalices if he did. There is a river and a bridge in the background.
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