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What we like, what we want to work with, is all different for each of us. So, no don't beat yourself up Dwaas.

The thing that struck me is that while initially you liked it so much online... you have now such a different reaction... And, internally, you do seem to wish to work with this deck.

My advice? Go to the Woods, or into your bedroom. Take your deck and literally throw it around (either on your bed, or on a picknick blanket)... see which faeries pop up! =) Dance with them, sing with them... Treat them as archetypes of wonder, joy and healing. See how how you relate to them then...

I notice that if I draw a Daily Card... Just the Question: "What Faerie dances with me today?" gives me a smile upon my face. Them being there, is a reason and a reminder for me to a little bit more lighthearted... A welcome change from my normal Queen of Swordy routine...

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