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Not every imagery is for everyone - and likewise, you never really know what you are going to like, what will speak to you, until you give it a try. I never thought I'd enjoy the faeries - I bought them on impulse, thinking I could always give them away, so many fans out there! But they came at the right time in my life and I enjoy them very much. Some cards I find too busy for the size of the card - they would look better on large canvas - but they are still enjoyable and speak with clear eloquent voices. I love the Singers, and see and "hear" new things in them all the time. I formed an enduring relationship with Tobaira of the Waters, because she helped me through a difficult time physically and mentally.

But I can understand why some might just not get it. There are some decks people rave about and leave me cold. A lot of people like the Doreen Virtue decks, while I think they are shlock.

Moongold's suggestion is good, however - find out about the ancient folklore of the fae. It's very enriching. At worst you will know something you didn't before
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