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Marie Laveau, infamous vodun priestess, stands before a curtain of cowrie shells. She is dressed in white. She draws back the curtain a bit to reveal some of the darkness behind it. Her gaze is direct, her expression serene. The open door behind her and that surrounds the curtain is deep green. A light glows over the doorway where the curtain hangs.

Marie Laveauís belt resembles a snake, though it is bluish-gray. (snake: rebirth, wisdom, transformation  the knowledge behind the curtain will change you). Marie Laveau also frequently worked with snakes during her ceremonies.

Light=illumination, knowledge
Curtain: invitation to the unknown, that which is not revealed. By invitation only: if you can handle the unknown, then you may pass through the curtain but it is your choice to accept the invitation.

Green door: growth via entrance to portal
Cowrie shells: once currency in Africa
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