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I vaguely recall Bee trying to sell her copy....

I like The Message. I think it's a good book, with a nice method of reading the cards. I've borrowed it from the library more than once, and enjoyed reading it, although I don't use her method. I believe from what I've read here at the forum, that The Message refines how Ms. Leigh's method is presented. I do believe it's the same system but with better writing.

Again, I've only read this one book of hers. I didn't see a need to track down her older one. If you use her system then perhaps you'd enjoy The Message and what the author has to say about the cards.

ETA: please see,my post #'s 130 and 135. Or other posts around there. I summarize some of the material in the book, and you can judge if it sounds helpful beyond what's in Personal Prophecy.
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