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I tried to limit my choices (which wasn't easy) so now here are my absolute favourites:

The Devil - This is the coolest devil I have ever seen in a deck. He's spooky in a funny way but still you get the message. And I love this green! It's an interesting contrast to the blue of most cards.

The Moon - I just love this card! There's a sexy atmosphere, seduction and playfulness between two opposites (light and dark). She knows that he belongs to the dark site but doesn't care.

The Sun - The same style as in The Moon.

6 of Cups - This seems to be a favourite among this study group. It's a peaceful scene and I like Vargo's take on the traditional illustration.

Knave of Swords - Everything about this card is cool. The way the gargoyle sits, ready to jump down, in front of the full moon. The colours are extremely dark and the contrast of the moon makes this card spooky and special.

10 of Pentacles - I prefer this ccard to The Lovers. It seems a bit darker and sexier to me.

King of Pentacles - My favourite. He is cool, lonely and inviting.
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