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21 ways - step 20 - crow's magick page of cups

compare other page of cups cards

tarot nova (based on RW)
a smiling man is on his knees on a flower stem. in his left hand he holds a bouquet of three flowers, and with his right he offers a cup with a red heart on it. he is smiling, maybe even blushing. he faces left.

beginner’s tarot (marseille based)
an bearded man is walking facing right. he looks very intently at the cup he is holding out with his right hand. in his left hand, which is hanging loosely to his left, he holds his cap. he is walking on sandy ground, out of which sprout clumps of grasses and flowers. it seems to be daylight.

world spirit (a deck with more women appearing than in most others)
a smiling young woman is sitting on a sandy outcrop by a body of water. she looks middle eastern or southern slavic. her cape billows behind her. her left hand rests on her left thigh and her right hand touches the insides (water?) of a chalice in front of her. she looks at us as if she were posing for a picture. water gushes from a waterfall behind and to the right of her and the drops from it form a s sort of bower that frames her. a palm tree is by the waterfall. a turtle is climbing up out of the water towards the chalice. the card is darkish, mostly blue, black and beige. the moon is shining from the upper right hand corner, sending its rays through the sky.

crow’s magick (“my” card; a deck with mostly animals)
this card centers around a reptile eagerly jumping out of a circle. it's almost like a puppy. its mouth is open, we can see its red tongue. it's camouflage-coloured. apart from the circle, six geometric, sigil-like elements can be seen on the card, all drawn in faint gold. from upper left to lower right they are three dots arranged in a triangle, an almost square rectangle, a zig-zag line, three rectangles connected by lines (a bit like a flowchart) and something that looks the head and shoulders of a one-eyed stick figure. the card's background is black (as all crow's magick cards). in the upper part, we can see flecks of green and red and gold that could be interpreted as cosmic dust. three astronomical symbols can be seen in the lower left corner (pisces, cancer and virgo).


i lined up the cards in several ways – this here is the one that i think has progressively more movement. the world spirit one, with the woman sitting by the water, feels the most static. the tarot nova card has a bit more movement; perhaps it is the woman that he offers the heart-cup to. then we have the beginner’s tarot “valet de coupe” walking through the sandy terrain, and finally the reptile “puppy” jumping out of the circle.

how are they similar?
- each one shows a cup
- none of the personages seem to be past their 30s
- there is no sign of aggression in any of the cards
- each one has a personage, and there is only one
- nobody seems sad
- everyone is engaged in some sort of activity
- none of the personages seem of elevated stature
- the cup itself seems significant in each card
- the environment seems to be out in the open for all four
- cooler colours dominate in all four, but there is a warmish feeling (not cold, not hot, a pleasant lukewarm feeling)
- each card has a “relational” feeling – there is an object or a person they are relating to
- there’s something a bit needy about each card

- the inscription on the crow’s magick card reads “unearthly, mystical” – that couldn’t be farther from the feeling that the tarot nova evokes. it would also be pretty far-fetched for the beginner’s tarot card. interestingly, both of the latter are the more traditional cards
- there are two males, one female, and one male-feeling animal
- two face left, two face right
- water can be seen only in one card (world spirit)
- two of the cards have a “night” feeling (world spirit and crow’s magick, although for crow’s magick that’s normal)
- world spirit looks flirtatious, tarot nova smitten, beginner’s intensely intent, crow’s magick boisterous
- the world spirit one, with the woman sitting by the water, feels the most static. the tarot nova card has a bit more movement; perhaps it is the woman that he offers the heart-cup to. then we have the beginner’s tarot “valet de coupe” walking through the sandy terrain, and finally the reptile “puppy” jumping out of the circle
- if i had to put words in their mouths, it would be “come hither” for world spirit; “please love me” for tarot nova; “i can’t spill this” for beginner’s and “yay!” for crow’s magick
- the world spirit and tarot nova allude to romance but the other two don’t
- emotions evoked: i feel a bit reluctant looking at the world spirit card; it feels like she wants something from me. for the tarot nova i want to say, oh, how cute – and hopefully i’m not the object of his adoration because i don’t think i want someone to go down on his knees in front of me. too needy. the valet de coupe in the beginner’s deck has me slightly irritated – come on, lighten up already! the crow’s magick – depends on my mood and energy level. of they’re high – yes, i want to play with him but if not – hey! not so loud!

keywords: youngish, unaggressive, agreeable environment, relational, not mature yet

when i look back on the previous exercises, the keywords that came up more than once where “unrestrained, eager, enthusiastic, childlike”. i still see those for “my” page of cups but only some of that in the tarot nova, not really in the others. i wouldn’t say that “youngish” or “not mature yet” and “childlike” are the same. “childlike” carries a certain playfulness and that is not present in all of the other three cards.

one of the keywords that came up earlier was “beginning” and i can see that in these cards, although it’s stretching it a bit for the beginner’s tarot. others that i can see are “experimental” and “fascination”. however, i don’t feel moved to add these three to the list above.

which one embodies the advice i would most like to give myself? i’m not particularly enamoured with the other three cards; there’s something a bit wimpy about them. i did pull from two more decks. one of them sort of speaks to me. it’s from the afro-brazilian deck. a strong, slender man is seen from the back as he swiftly approaches a cup standing at the edge of a precipe. down below is a raging a river and across a waterfall. a rainbow issues from the white cup. the man holds his right hand, holding a short, crooked wand as if to strike something – maybe the cup? even though that action does not seem overly wise (i guess pages are not known for their wisdom there is a strength to this card that draws me in. “a force to be reckoned with” was one of the ideas i was milling about in regard the to the crow’s magick page of cups, and i see that in this card, too. actually, a bit in the world spirit one, too – it’s a flirtatious force but a force all the same. interestingly, all three of these cards also allude to the mystical, mysterious, which draws me in. do i want to be a mystical force to be reckoned with?

if i were to design my own card, what would it look like?
i hauled out my 20 decks and looked at all the page of cups. the crow’s magick one is still one of my favourites. i also liked the shakespeare oracle, african brazilian, shadowscapes, runic tarot and most of all daughters of the moon, which is called maiden of cups. i think i like maiden or daughter better than page – easier to relate to.

the card is imbued with a lovely turquoise colour, both in the frame and depicting the ocean, where a mermaid sits on a rock, surrounded by a fish, a seagull, a big shell and other sea critters. the fish is jumping out of the water and the mermaid’s hair is billowing behind her, indicating movement. all of the cards i like have some movement; most of the others are a bit static. i suspect that has something to do with the traditional playing cards from which tarot is ultimately derived – there, the court cards are very static, basically just traditional portraits. i think generally i’m drawn to more free-flowing styles; i don’t think i’ll ever become a marseille type deck zealot

actually, the one from daughters of the moon could have even more movement. the mermaid is holding up a mirror, into which she looks, indicating to me some sort of self involvement, which of course is typical for a younger person. i don’t know if i need that, though. i’m imagining some reaching movement – perhaps she could be reaching for the cup. there is no cup visible in this card. i find it disorienting when the symbol of the respective suit is not prominently displayed, and prefer it when the symbol is worked into the image, so i’d change that.
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