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Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
I don't use it but I like it, I can see the justification for it. Every Tree is, after all, a reflection of the philosophy of its creator, and so there's no need to be restricted just to one.
Initially Crowley himself was pretty relaxed about Achad's new arrangement. He thought that there were some interesting ideas in the appendix to Q.B.L., but couldn't see why Achad felt the need to rearrange everything. The 'language' of Qabalah is so eleastic why reinvent the wheel when the existing wheel is already capable of performing the same task?
Originally Posted by Aleister Crowley
From what I can see of the Appendix generally, it appears to have some very interesting ideas, but I think it is a case of rushing into print. The best ideas are none the worse for being allowed to mellow. The real interest in the Appendix is that it illustrates your rough working, and if we let it go as that instead of making a dogmatic revolution, it is impossible to take any objection to it. I think you have failed to realize that Atbash is no better and no worse a Temurah than any of the other systems. What I dislike about your proposed rearrangement of the Sephiroth, is that such changes merely upset a meaningless convention. It is therefore the blow of a sword in the water. There is no point in proving that Sunday ought really to be Saturday because humanity has missed a day since the day of creation, unless there is a day of creation; and as we know there isnít, it is much best to support the conventional calendar. I think you could have brought out all the truths of your Appendix without upsetting the language.
Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
This one seems to take a more physical approach, with the concept of the pure idea originating from out of the mind of man, and so upwards up.
Achad's explanation in, The Egyptian Revival, reads like typical top-down manifestation. All the preceding causes from Kether downwards find their expression in Malkuth.
Originally Posted by Frater Achad
One of my aims in the foregoing chapter has been to show that this is the Aeon of the Foundation of the Kingdom upon Earth, characterized by the Incarnation of God in the Heart of every Man, Woman, and Child.

It is not so much a question of "Climbing the Tree of Life" as of recognizing how all things have been working together for good so that the Source of All might become manifest in Matter, here on Earth, and the Kingdom of Ra-Hoor-Khuit be established.
Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
I like the bottom triangle very much, I'm a bit iffy about the allocations further up.
Achad's 'rough working' in the appendix to Q.B.L. shows how limited his options became as he worked his way up the Tree. The further he went the fewer cards he had to work with, and this resulted in him having to take a 'best fit' approach.
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