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Originally Posted by Alissa
I wanted to add...

Marie was a person who was associated with the crossroads... between the living and the dead, the known and unknown, between this realm and the Other. While crossroads themselves may bring up associations of the Fool card, consider the High Priestess and the veil she rests before... the veil between the realms, as many have called it. She exists in the space between that which is known and unknown.

Her snake dances in Congo square involved possession... the ultimate spiritual act which might bespeak a person's willingness to venture into unknown realms, to the edges of the mind.

In life, Marie used her words and deeds to become this figure of power to her people; in death, Marie becomes the ultimate embodiment of the High Priestess for others to call upon in their own time of need. As the holder of great spiritual knowledge, she is believed to have the power to make miracles occur.
This is very interesting. I find the curtain in the second trump (Marie) to be more of a 'line' or 'crossroads' than the traditional High Priestess's' veil. The darkness behind Marie is a room you either choose to move into or you decline her invitation. It's depths seem limitless, since there is no view of how big or small it is, what waits on the otherside etc. As a passive HP, in death, I can see how people approaching her tomb and summoning her spirit may reflect the card.

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