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Originally Posted by Aerin View Post
"Love is more than feelings for each other"
Indeed, love is more than just feelings... It's about having the courage to act on those feelings. People may care for one another, but that doesn't mean that they're immune to fear, or to hiding their feelings rather than embracing them. Love needs trust and honesty in order to flourish into it's full potential. The feelings are only the seeds ("Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding" ~Khalil Gibran). This card represents that idea for me. It's like a moment in time, a turning point within a relationship - the relationship reaches a new level. Like the two people, the flowers are climbing and stretching upward into the sky, and growth can be both painful and exhilarating.

When this card came up for me in a reading recently, it had a particular meaning in that respect. I saw the man in the card as being in the act of whispering a secret to the woman, as if making a confession of some kind. And it's interesting to me that the woman is completely naked while the man is still partially clothed - his pants are unzipped but he's still in the process of undressing. And his eyes are open, while we cannot see the woman's face, and yet I imagine that her eyes are closed, for when we share an intimate moment like kissing, we close our eyes ...but it seems like he still has his eyes open. It's as if this image is like a snapshot of someone learning to let go and allow themselves to completely surrender to love... He's getting ready to undress. He's getting ready to close his eyes and to surrender to their physical union, but he needs to have that emotional and spiritual union to precede that. True love (the love that we desire) is balanced in that way. Intimacy requires being completely open (you can't have one foot on the track and one foot on the train)... A strong relationship requires honesty -- laying "everything out on the table" and not being afraid to "bare all."
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