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COOL MUG, Downunder!

Originally Posted by greatdane View Post
What would you want on it or what would you want it to say?
Good Question, GD!

I do like the spread that DownUnders Mug shows--its cleverly showing cards used in a reading--which would be a great conversational piece when you are using the mug.

Perhaps seeing a mug with three cards in a row, as if you were doing a 3 card Lenny reading--so, I'm thinking maybe "Key......Lady.....Sun" which would also be a good reading. The Lady would represent myself of course, the key here is a positive sign that things would go well for me, and the sun too, of course would suggest success. I can't think of a better trio to put on a mug and every morning would be to remind me that I have the chance of doing things that will be successful for me. What a great way to start the day, eh? Though it could also be "Sun....Lady.....Key". Either way, a good trio and a GREAT way to start the day!

Yeah! I think I'd like to see those 3 cards--very simple pictures, so its not mistakenly seen as anything else, (like Lenormands generally are and should be) on a mug. I like this trio!

I'd also like to see this on a t-shirt. Quite honestly I have no room for anymore mugs since we're downsizing, but I ALWAYS have room for another t-shirt and this would be right up my alley!

eta: I found a few links for Lenny mugs:

and, how about this shirt, with the mice on it?

though, who would want to wear a shirt with a bad card on it?
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