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My perception of this card differs a bit from the above said. I see a collective of pixies just as I would normally see one of the whee-folk. They are all pixies and this is what makes them a collective. They are naturally of the same kin. But the difference between them is that they perform different tasks, each its own. And those tasks don't overlap. They all know their own function in this world, and they are happy about such natural and clear understanding of their role in life. Since each of them does its own duty, they don't compete. There is no point to compete - one cannot be perfect in all spheres, they organically add to each other. And this is what makes them a collective.

A collective of pixies reminds me that each of us has its place in life and there's no need to try to occupy someone else's. It tells me that if one wants to be a part of a collective he or she must observe his own duties and put trust in others. He or she must be ready to lose control over ALL aspects of life, because constant worries and control over everything are bonds that are shackle-free. Letting it go and trust provides one with a chance to enjoy his or her being in this world.

A darker side, as I see it, reveals itself when one refuses to trust. And this is when a collective of pixies seems to make more fuss than sense in a spread. It looks like chaos, although happy chaos. It is also being excluded from a collective because of inner tensions and disagreements with the rules according to which a collective lives. Being a white crow or an outsider. I guess this aspect can be tied to a reverse position of this card, but I don't use reversals (cards tell me themselves).
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