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thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts as well on this card.
I'm sort of confined to the house and resting, so playing with the tarot and just stopped at the 4 of pentacles thinking. glad I posted my thoughts and had you all share yours as well.

hopena, your post regarding the guy you know. I also wonder if the 4 of pentacles and 2 of cups in that particular reading would suggest he could become very possessive of you or even wanting to be in charge as to how the relationship would be.

as for your sister, I had one like that too, but I never even thought of the 4 of pentacles in this way. it would fit though, yes.

I also had a sister who did the same thing with her toys. I remember her beloved china tea set that she never even took out of the box to play with--but instead kept it up high on the shelf of our closet.

one day, when she finally started school and was gone, I climbed up on a chair and some books stacked on the chair--and could juuuusssst about reeaaachhh it!

but, then a tower card moment happened.
I slipped, and fell and so did the box of the china tea set, breaking most of the items so carefully packed inside.

no wonder she always hid her toys and we only played with mine.
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