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The original 1846 meaning was: "House means success and prosperity in all enterprises. Even when the present situation of the person is unfortunate, they can expect a better future. If this card is located in the middle of the game, under the person, this is a hint to be on their guard regarding those who surround them."

I don't see it being an "institution" unless it is a intimate, neighborhood one. House can indicate a small shop, office building, school, etc. While Tower would be a large building, department store, mall, university, or corporate or govertnment offices, etc.

The kind of house, property, surroundings, etc. is primarily described by other cards or implied by the question.

For instance, "Where should I set up my business?" House: in your home or a small building. However, surrounding cards will be of most importance indicating what kind of house, building or surroundings.
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