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I am new too, but just to add some insight.

Your ascendant is Capricorn. So your ruler is saturn.
Saturn is ruled by sagittarius in the 11th house. The house of hopes and wishes. So you are hoping that he is thinking of you. It is also the house of friends. So, I am not quite sure if this is a romantic question or just a general question about an old friend.....?

His significator, which is represented by the descendant (the 7th house) is cancer, which is ruled by the moon. So his ruling planet is the moon. He is located in the 9th house ruled by Libra. The 9th house represents travel and being overseas, among a plethora of other meanings. Is he foreign or does he live overseas? The 9th house can also represent a distant place in general, so it may just mean that he is distant from you and does not have much thought of you at all.

His significator is exalted and in the triplicity of your significator Saturn. You are receiving him, so this shows that you think about him a lot and even really like him.

Your significator on the otherhand is not received by him at all. So I would say, he doesn't think about you at all.

There are also no aspects between the significators, so nothing is happening at all. Then again, I have noticed when it comes to questions of asking how another person feels, this seems to be quite common as you are not asking about an action that will take place but a state of being regarding another person. Maybe someone more experienced can add better insight.
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