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One horary reading available for tomorrow.

Im doing this post now, as tomorrow i'm busy till mid afternoon.

Also there's usually quite a few people online at this time of day (going on different time zones) hopefully this gives someone new a chance for a reading, if they want one.

Also i'd like to add that i'm going to try and do 1 chart a day (so if you miss this one, there will be a new one the next day)....this is because i feel like actually doing practical readings of charts for peoples, helps more....especially as i've already read as much as i can up to now.

All i expect is adequate helpful feedback for good or bad.

I'm not going to start a thread...just incase one day i have to skip, so prefer to just do day by day, for now.

So whoever takes this space...then leave a question on any area (except medical) and ill get back to you tomorrow.

Make sure your question is precise and clear.
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