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Arkartia Site Kickstarter

Hello Aeclectics

I just got up and saw that the Arkartia site I was given a sneak peek of last week is now live on Kickstarter so we can see what it's all about.

Even though I thought today was the "live" date it seems that theres been several pledges already snaffled. I think maybe they use Facebook a lot more, so I should have been on there I guess. Never mind!

It's Ciro Marcheti that is the artist, I have one of his decks but only as someone gifted it to me for a birthday, I'll go check it out again. My deck of choice is the Tarocco Egiziano which I've started to blog about, but I think I use it weirdly :-)

What do you guys think now you can see the campaign?

I see where that whole "Rose Key" stuff for the last six years was about a bit more now - it seems they were seeding the symbol in LOTS of decks in preparation for 'augmented reality'.

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