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Personally, I see a 'four' as a grounded number.

In cups, emotionally secure and stable, for example.

In swords, a calm mind without disruption, as another.

But in pentacles, he is doubly-stable, since earth is so grounded. This will mean that he is secure financially, in home and physically. And I think he wants to keep it that way, which is why he holds on to the pentacles. In an exagerated form, this might be miserly or greedy; an inability to share. It might be someone who places the material over the emotional, irrationally - the pentacles are on his mind (head), in his heart (chest) and what he stands on (his home or kingdom). I also remember that the '5' comes after this card - therefore breaking this stability. Neither the element of earth or the number 4 wants this, since they are happy where they sit, so the man grabs on tightly to avoid change.

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