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Here are some quotes from Masino's book:

"A Victorian mourning bracelet is prominently displayed on her wrist, telling us of past hurts, lossses, and grief. The Queen of Swords is strong; the quality of self-rulership is attributed to her. At one time the traditional interpretation of this queen was a woman suffering; loneliness and the loss of loved ones. Sorrows beset her and her life was filled with grief. Today we view the Queen of Swords from a different perspective. Her aloneness does not indicate loneliness; instead it suggests independence."

"She may have experienced difficulties, set-backs, and life's problems. Her image is a powerful one, revealing that she has overcome her obstacles and risen above her enemies, who may be others in her life or her own emotional, physical, and mental self."

I'm enjoying all the comments! (And the pictures Fulgour!)
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