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Originally Posted by MistyCheckers View Post
With Shadowscapes I like looking at the art, but only in pieces. The details can be beautiful, but the overall composition is so busy that the cards end up looking up the same. I ended up buying the Fool's Dog app so I could zoom into the pretty details. I never did get the physical cards. Otherwise it probably would have qualified as a regrettable deck for me too.

To add to my list of decks that I regret, Motherpeace. I tried it because it was a classic, but I ended up disliking the art.
Shadowscapes for me as well. I do love the artwork - but I just cannot read with it whatsoever. Its funny though because when I purchased this deck I also bought one as a gift for my sister and she can read BEAUTIFULLY with it! It seems to inspire her completely. She is not much of a reader as far as she only reads now and again for herself, a few friends, or me. And, when she reads for me with this deck--she does so--wonderfully!

The John Dee Oracle deck is another one. Though this thread is about tarot decks, not oracles and I should stay on topic.

The Wild Unknown is another tarot deck I can't read with, but I do LOVE the artwork. It is another I will keep as a result of that. I also do not like the card stock with that one.

Some others are Ghosts & Spirits Tarot, Faery Wicca Tarot and the Paulina. I love all of them for their artwork--but I can never use them to read for clients. I just don't connect with them at all in that way. There are plenty more in my library as well.
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