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I regret buying the Decameron tarot. What was I thinking ????

I had not looked closely at the images before I got it, but I knew it delt with eroticism, and I had heard it showed characters of all age and shape, which appealed to me (so many decks, books, moovies, especially when dealing with nude bodies, only show young thin characters that are uniformely beautiful. For example, I kind of like some of Manara's graphic novels, but all the women look absolutely exactly the same. You only recognise them from their hair cut and hair color... which is why I was not interested in getting the Manara tarot deck)
When I received the Decameron tarot, I freaked out. I found it sexist, and I did not see the link between the scenes and the cards they were supposed to illustrate. Like they had put random sex scene on random cards, regardless of the card meaning. And so sexist. And, several cards show scenes that look suspiciously like rape, which is very far from erotic to me. Impossible to read, I cannot make out the meaning of the cards, it is just a bunch of pictures representing sex scene, all in a very plain art style. And, to me, many scenes are pornographic, not erotic, and some are downright offensive.
Plus the cardstock is mediocre, and the borders are horrid (vertical print in several languages.... lame lame lame)

I also regret buying a first edition Wild Unknown last year (when the 1st edition had been OOP for a time and was getting a little hard to come by) at a very reasonable price, from a seller in Ukraine.
I should have been smart enough to realise that it was not normal that this first edition was cheaper than the second edition that was sold by the artist at the time. Of course, this first edition from Ukraine turned out to be a pirated deck. It was obvious when it arrived. I had the second edition by the artist, and this so called first edition was made in different cardstock, slightly smaller, and came in a thin box, very different from the sturdy cardstock that housed my second edition.
The quality is not good, and two cards are severely misprinted, but I am so angry that it was pirated, and angry at myself because I should have known from the suspiciously low price. I felt like I had been robbed at the same time as the artist had been robbed.
I wrote the seller but they disapeared from internet and could not be found again (of course !).
Later I bought a genuine copy of the first edition WU (more costly, which is normal) and I like this one a lot, and this is the one I use.

There are other decks that were poor buys, and that I would have been better if I had saved my money rather than buy them. But, most of them I eventually got to like, or I gave away so they found a better home. It teaches me to be more picky.

But those two : the Decameron and the pirated WU, there is nothing I can do about them. I cannot give them away or trade them, even less sell them. The Decameron is too gross, and the pirated WU is stolen goods.
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