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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step EIGHTEEN - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

**Note - I skipped step Seventeen. I tried, but just felt really uncomfortable. I'm not sure if I was uncomfortable being inside this card or with the experience overall. I may come back and try it at a later point.
This step seems closer to Step Seventeen than I would like, but I really don't want to pass over 2 in a row, so I've given it my best shot.

-Who am I? I'm the moustached man with the eyepatch.

-What position am I in? I'm standing. I'm leaning forward and have one hand raised above my head.

-What am I holding? I'm holding a golden wand. This is my source of power at the moment.

-What gestures am I making? I'm scowling at the man in front of me. My fists are clenched.

-How do I feel? I feel many things. I'm angry. Energized. My heart is racing; there's adrenaline pumping through me. I feel determined, confident, powerful. I am in control here.

-What is my relationship with these people? The man in front of me is my enemy. He has caused pain and loss. He is the reason I'm here.
The others are my friends, my supporters. I called on them for help and they answered. I can trust these people with anything.

-What do I want or need? I want justice, vengeance. I want to set things right. I need to show others this man's true colours, to prove that I am right.

-What am I going to do next? I'm going to bring this man down, literally and figuratively. I'll hurt him physically, and his followers mentally. After that I'll stand back. I'll watch the reactions of others, both my supporters and his. I'll revel in my success.

I chose to be the moustached man this time. Usually I see myself in the aviator's role, so I thought I'd look at this from another perspective.
I don't like this person, not at all. He's too arrogant, sure of himself for my liking. However, I can see how others might view me as him sometimes. I think I'm more like the aviator, defending myself, but I think it might come across as an attack sometimes. This really gave me something to think about.
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