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This card reminds me of those programmes on tv. When they put people in those little pods and suspend them further into the depths of the sea to film the underwater animals of the deep. Further down they go. And the further they go, the more dangerous and mysterious the journey becomes. It gets darker and darker as you drop out of what was once comfortable.

What will you find beneath the safety of the surface?

This card, in places, feels slightly claustraphobic. We might see it as a journeying to the depths as I already have, but it might be a returning to the surface after a hard and difficult time.

Whatever it is, it represents some kind of obstacle to me. One that needs to be overcome, in order to progress. If this card came up for my friend right now, I would consider that she needed to find a way of leaving her husband. Where she is at the moment is dark, and she will remain there until she finds the courage to stand up and be who she really wants to be. This would be a trip into the depths to defeat obstacles, before returning to the surface for that life-saving gulp of fresh air and sunlight.

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