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scratches of blood ...

Oh my. This is somewhere I don't want to stay for two long. This scene comes straight from nightmares.

The fingernail scratches of blood across the top are fierce and sting. There are faces in pain and fear. Then, there is one smiling, possibly enjoying the pain that is inflicted. This card makes me feel quite uncomfortable.

One person is about to stab himself in the throat. The feather buckles under the stress.

There is pain inflicted here. Someone inflicts. Someone recieves. Someone wins [however that may be] and someone loses. And I feel it is in the mind or through conversation.

But why am I so shocked by this image and what it conveys. I use words to hurt people on a regular basis. People I am supposed to love!

I call people hurtful names when I am in a temper. I make people feel bad about themselves. I don't use swords, but the traces of blood in someone else mind or heart are just as strong. And I don't actually feel like I have won when I do this, incase you were wondering.

For me, this is a time where someone might hurt another. A time to be responsible about what you think and say. You might not realise just how cutting and effective your cruelty might be on the mind of another.

Not sure that I have completely got the gist of this card, but it is somewhere I want to move on from pretty quickly. I see a lot of self-hurt in this card. I see someone that turns things inwards, as well as outwards.

Mental torture

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