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Hi Robin,

I felt the need to intervene here.

When I got back from London I made it clear to LS that I received an unanimous request for "books" on all the decks we produce.
What part of our public that was present in London - I could easily define them "high-end" - is starving because there are very few books for them (I refer expecially to companion books, as we produce mostly decks).
I remembered I aksed Robin to state to me "why" he needed a book. He answered to me: "because I need to give more, about any single card".

The request has not gone unnoticed, both for this deck and for all possible decks.
I don't know really what could be the LS answer... as we are truly short on resources (just think of the abysmal state of our website). However we know that this request for books (or e-books) must be met.

I, again, say that if You want to give pressure for the need of a book, don't be shy and write. It doesn't mean that we will count request, and we will publish a book once we have reached a certain number. It means that we have knowledge and understanding of the request.

Thanks again to Robin for telling me, in London.
The whole experience was enlightning to me. ^^

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