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Golden Tarot - Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

From the LWB~
St. George fights a fierce winged dragon. He rides a gray horse and holds his sword aloft. An orange butterfly flutters in a corner. In the distance, a bird sits in a bare tree.

Meaning: A brash young man, hot-headed but keen to do what is right. A man of action, one who gets things done. Righteous anger. Bravery, courage and heroism. Triumph over opposition.
This Knight is definitely focused on the task, but at what cost? I canít help but feel sorry for the little dragon.
Is this someone with a narrow point of view? The background looks kind of bleak. Is he so determined to eliminate the enemy that he destroys all other life in the vicinity?
Is he the one who is always rushing in with an opinion or a correction?
This reminds us to think before we speak and consider the cost before we take action.

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