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A woman sits on a bed, her head hanging in sorrow. Three swords have been driven into the ground at the foot of the bed. The bed is associated with a number of metaphors:
  • "you made your bed, now lie in it" means you created the situation and now you must deal with it
  • "a bed of roses" is a favorable situation or experience
  • "strange bedfellows" means an unexpected or unusual partnership or relationship
  • "let's put it to bed" means let's finish this

The man is standing in the doorway looking out into the night. The doorway symbolizes hope, passage from one state to another, escape from a bad situation and/or entrance to a new life and an opportunity.

A flower lays with its petals strewn across the floor. Flowers usually represent that which is about to blossom, beauty and hope. Strewn on the floor, this flower suggests endings, ugliness and despair.

The wall painting is of wailing women. Crying represents the release of emotions. It could symbolize a cleansing and could be associated with feeling sorry for what one has done.

Both people are nude. Their nakedness suggests that they are emotionally exposed to one another and able to be open and candid with each other without the facades they usually put up. It suggests exposing that which has been hidden and being laid bare to criticism or misunderstanding. "To see something with the naked eye" is to see something for oneself while "the naked truth" means that it's a fact.

I got this card once when I'd had an argument with a co-worker and effectively turned my back on him to end the argument.

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