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Astrological Influence - Pisces
Element - Water
Month - February, March
Contributor - Sylvia Gainsford
Flowers - Honeysuckle - inconstancy, Bramble - envy and remorse

My goodness. I don't even know where to begin. You have done such an excellent job, Moongold.

To me, this is a card of deep sadness. Nut appears almost disdainful of the two figures, yet Her reflection shows that She is shedding a tear. She does care for us, but She keeps Her emotions hidden. Her fingers turning into a waterfall, feeing the lake the figures are in is also powerful. It is an illusion that She is far away from us; She is actually right here, all around us.

Moongold mentioned that only the crawfish and dog of the traditional Moon card are present. I think I see the wolf over by Nut's front-most hand. Other then that, I don't think I can add much more.

The meaning of this card, to me, is to be aware of illusions. Something is clouding your vision, spiritually, psychically, emotionally. You may be involved in something insincere or dishonest. A time of solitude may be required to help clear your eyes and get you back in tune with reality.
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