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O and Hedera...if you keep up long enough with this we soon have you reading with this baby
That's right Hedera!!! We will draw you in, like Tom Tom, with our twinkling blue eyes and pretty faces! And ... like Tom Tom, once we have you, we'll steal all of your toys (or maybe your decks LOL)!

Even if there are people out there that don't warm to this deck, I also would find it quite interesting to know what their differences are. I can see that some might not think it serious enough; not dark enough; not spiritual enough, even. It is a matter of taste, I suppose.

For me, however, it is getting warmer every day. As I work on the card a day, I am getting to know the characters names which I like - Tom Tom, Axle and Hasan. I think that that is a nice edge to a reading - to have names that don't exist in any other deck. Personally, I get to know them better. I don't ever look at tomorrows card as 'The Knight of Swords. Infact, those words are invisible when I look at it. I just see Tom Tom. It makes the deck individual for me and therefore, doesn't conform completely, to the traditional decks which I use at different times. You could liken that feeling to that of The Faeries Oracle - not standard cards but loads of individual characters.

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