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Two's Company

Well, even though it is just the two of us (and Hedera soon, when she falls under that Phantasmagoric spell hehehe), this thread is livening up! Maybe we will entice some more victims yet!

Yes, where is Rostie? We PM'd a bit about a year ago and it was this deck that we talked about. She converted me too.

I also like the fact that my feet are kept on the ground; after all, Tarot should be enjoyable. This deck gets the message through in a lighthearted way - not to say that those messages are any less deep, spiritual, sensual and precise than any other tarot cards. Even The Tower, which has a habit of provoking anxiety in me when it appears in all other decks, has a different energy here. I know what it is saying, but it whispers rather than kicking me off my chair.

I havn't spoken with Polly yet. She never raises her head from those sketch books she is so into. She'll be in touch soon ... I am sure of it.

Best wishes

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