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Yellow Blob

Maan, Hedera, Rostie

Just one thing, while I think of it. Since the Ten of Wands came up a few days ago, and I likened the 'Yellow Blob' with the grin to my mother (she was always told she looked like Sophia Loren in her younger days so I am sure she will be elated with that comparison!), I was just wondering what it signifies to you. I hadn't noticed before (probably because I havn't spent much time with this deck in the year since I bought it) that it also appears in the 8 of Wands as well. There is mention of Fingerpin and his road crew, but in the explanation/story of both cards, the yellow blob is not mentioned. At first I thought it may be an inhabitant of the woods that Axle is distributing a flyer to but in the other card, it is part of the circus.

Any ideas? Have I missed its appearance anywhere else?


*I appreciate how odd this question may seem to non-readers (and to readers) of the Phantasmagoric Theatre Tarot*
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