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I am so pleased that my posts have encouraged you to pick up the Phantasmagoric again. I hardly looked at mine in the year that I have had it but something clicked about a week ago and that is why I started posting up the daily draws.

I always found the stories and names to be a bit overwelming at first, but as I draw them, day by day, aside from them coming to life, I am also remembering the stories shared by the few of us that have been contributing in these threads.

Please, please, please join in. I am sure you can learn so much from these cards and from the handful of us that are looking deeper into what is a wonderful deck ... and I am sure we will benefit from your insights as well.

Tom Tom is my favourite in the deck, but there are other little characters in their that I love too. The Bald Tufty ones are great that I posted details of on one of my other daily threads.
I have posted a reading in the 'Your Readings' section. It is one of my first with this deck and since I have only reaquainted with the deck recently, it is not one of my best. I am learning from it though. Let me know what you think. I would love to see other peoples Phantasmagoric readings to see how people interpret the cards within a reading; what their reading style with the Phantasmagoric is like. I am sure that it is anthing but 'usual'.

To anbody else out there that wants to jump in, please do. I gather from Maan that this has been a lonely hermits journey for her and this deck. In the past week, Freesiaskye has bought the deck, Galadrial has jumped aboad and now you. Hedera is close to persuation ... I can feel it!

**It's getting a little more crowed in here; I think we are going to have to move the furniture about to make some more room LOL**

Excellent to have you join us, Melvis. Look forward to your Phantasmagoric posts.

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