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Phantasmagoric 6/8 *The Fool*

I am posting tomorows card this evening since I have to leave early and meet my friends in London to go househunting.

The card for the 6th is The Fool

I see this card as being quite prominant for me tomorrow. New beginnings are what the day is all about; starting another year of university with my (excellent) housemates, finding a new house, not sure where our journey is going to take us. Our Fool takes a step in the darkness, and that is, kind of, what we will be doing.

The Phantasmagoric Fool looks happy. He is stepping towards us, as apose to away or to the side, like he is depicted in many decks. Or is he/she? The Fool's leg is kind of gravitating towards the right and could send him jumping off into the darkness, rather than to where his little friend seems to be guiding him. He wears a star on his bag, question marks on his hat. Like the Fool, do not know where our steps will take us tomorrow; we are not 100% sure what area we will be living in. It is all quite exciting, this journey.

Not sure what to make of the brush makes in a circle behind him. Are they some sort of protection?

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"The curtains are open and the universe is stretched out before us. Welcome to the world of The Fool, where there are no boundaries. The Fool's world is full of new territoriesand frontiers. The Fool has awaken to his earth-bound conciousness; he challenges conventional truths and demonstrates alternatives to us. The Fool is ahead of his time, an outcast.
The Fool hates routine and dislikes althority; he is in touch with the child within. The Fool learns from his mistakes. He trusts the universe and fears nothing it offers. He lives in the present and lives to feed a thirst for new experiences. A small pink dog sits in the foreground.; he will bark at the Fool to warn him of going too far, but the fool does not listen. He is oblivious to worldly concerns and carries nothing but a knapsack of necessities. The fool challenges us to dare.
Young at heart, inventive, taking risks, cheerful, individuality, fresh ideas, blind impulses.
Reverse: Irresponsible, naive, crazy, out of control, unrealistic, hazy, stupid, lack of focus."

I look forward to seeing how this one manifests tomorrow!!!

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