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The Ace of Fools, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Dance Like Ginger

There is something rather phallic in this dunce cap, it really reaches to the sky, huh? The thrill of the game, exploration, new territory--boing! Oh my, I've been looking at those Rohrig cards too much.

Still, it rather has the energy of one of the Ace cards, particularly the Ace of Swords pointed skyward in tempered majesty, a surrounding borealis, the glow of promise and open-mindedness. Kind of makes you want to go hiking.

Now those steps remind me of platforms in old Fred Astaire movies. He and Ginger would dance down those stairs almost effortlessly, pirouetting and tapping until your heart felt like it was going to lift like a billowing cloud, or Ginger's chiffon dress. The Fool has a little star on his pack, which looks like a dangling carrot in front of him the way he shoulders the stick with the pack at the end, enticing him forward to new experiences. The little dog has stopped to do some yoga while waiting for The Fool to complete his choreographed dance of joy, ever watchful of his friend's missteps, while remaining in the alternate leg stretch for several minutes, and thus enjoying increased benefits.

The Fool rushing forward to meet what time has to offer, cheerfully, expectantly, and swinging his arms with eyes full of the light of possibility.
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