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Wink Phantasmagoric 8/8 *The Page of Wands*

Sorry for the late posting; I have been literally 'holding the baby' this evening - my friends 7 week old little girl, called Grace.

Todays card is 'The Page of Wands' - 'Doctor Lock'.

This is another one of the cards that I glanced over but have not warmed to in the deck - the other, so far, was the 'Page of Coins'. This guy seems very old looking to me, which is so different from the youthful pages in other decks. He has a long head and high hat - striped, in yellow and blue. He holds a singular wand with a large pink star at it's top. He rests a hand on the star. His tie wears a question mark and his forehead wears some kind of 'club' tattoo. On the table lies a dice, and from the hole, a very large paintbrush.

I have never noticed before, that one of the stars on the wall behind him is cut out and a little of the view outside can be seen.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"This is Doctor Lock, the Page of Wands, a philosopher with an open mind, who is full of good intentions. Doctor Lock confronts the limitations of his existing wand and romoves a larger star from the wall behind him. This enables him to expand his wand and thereby increase the scope of his own horizons, opening himself up to new people and fresh ideas.
Doctor Lock represents exciting new horizonsand possibilities.
Reversed: Bad intentions, ignorant and rude."

How do you all feel about this page? I look forward to your replies. He has warmed a little bit but he still feels a little stale inj comparisson to my more favourable characters. I do like the star taken from the wall for his wand. That is a nice detail.

Best wishes to you all

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